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This blog is to highlight our Vendors that make Custom products for our Classic GMC Motorhomes. To see a list of all of our vendors go to Bdub's web page

Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Now these only work on GMCs'. But several folks make different versions. Go here to see more information on these products
Go here to see how to use them

RAGUSA Pattern Shop and R.V. Products INC.
For a catalog Call (949) 261- 5898
or FAX your Shopping Cart order to (949) 475-1420
To Place an Order Send E-mail to: RagusaRV

5990 Greenwood HtsKneeland, CA 95549

Jack Adapter will lift both front rail or rear boggies of GMC motorhome - $53.00 including Shipping & Handling. Contact Bob Rosenberg at
or call 607-746-2107

Paul Bennett
GMC Motorhome Products
2400 Blossom St.Columbia, SC 29205


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