GMC Motorhome Custom Products

This blog is to highlight our Vendors that make Custom products for our Classic GMC Motorhomes. To see a list of all of our vendors go to Bdub's web page

Saturday, April 29, 2006


Poly Rear Battery Tray
Economy Version
Slides out with ease
does not come with 2x4 to prop up in the extended position
Will not corrode or stick

Duane Simmons
The Battery Tray Vendor

Friday, April 28, 2006


Steve Ferguson
new signature product
The bushings, enough to do all 4 control arms, and the silicone are $70 per kit.

These are very easy to install as you don't have the pleasure of removing the entire old bushing....just the innards. The original sleeve stays in the control arm. I drive them in with a dead-blow hammer, about 4 good whacks. Easy to press in if the arm is off the coach. The only really difficult part is getting the old rubber out of the original sleeve. I pry it out with a screwdriver.

I will also be offering the ball joints for significantly less than what I've had to pay for them in the past
To see more information go here


Al Chernoff
his signature product for our GMCs

This replacement Foot well liner is sold by
Jim Kanomata
and Jim Bounds

Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Automatic Vent. Opens & Closes with the Stove Vent Switch
This can be ordered from
cost of $85. plus postage.
Specify white or off-white color.
Priority Mail & insurance is presently approx. $8.15 for delivery in USA.
Get Rid of this POS
See the whole thing here

Saturday, April 22, 2006

GMC Motorhome Parts and Services Suppliers

One of our favorite products is Bdubs place, and his list of
GMC Motorhome Parts and Services Suppliers

Len's Dash Light Kit

This is an easy to install dash light kit that replaces the old fiber optic light kit. Unlike the original cable there is enough wire in my kit to power the dash lights on the right side of the dash that were unlit with the stock cable. At just $28.00 delivered with instructions this new dash lights kit is an easy to fix to our Classic Motorhomes.

Available colors: green, blue, white, red, pink, orange. Here is the web page to see the development of the light kit.

here is how you order

There is also Eric's dash light label kit

on Ebay at #4628339801

Order the light kit by e-mail: B52Rule@Adelphia.Net and the labels at

Eric’s Classic Dash Labels

These easy to install self-adhesive dash label sets are produced to look like the originals. Suitable for backlighting with Len's EL Wire dash light kit, these opaque white on black labels utilize a high temperature substrate rated to 304F to withstand summer heat without shrinkage, discoloration or fading. The permanent self-adhesive backing makes for easy no-mess installation. At just $10 per 7-piece set, these new dash label sets are an easy way to freshen up your GMC Classic Motorhome dash. Instructions are included.

Order by e-mail:
order in conjunction with Len's EL Wire Dash Lighting kit: B52Rule@Adelphia.Net

Here is the web page to see the developmentent of the labels.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Now these only work on GMCs'. But several folks make different versions. Go here to see more information on these products
Go here to see how to use them

RAGUSA Pattern Shop and R.V. Products INC.
For a catalog Call (949) 261- 5898
or FAX your Shopping Cart order to (949) 475-1420
To Place an Order Send E-mail to: RagusaRV

5990 Greenwood HtsKneeland, CA 95549

Jack Adapter will lift both front rail or rear boggies of GMC motorhome - $53.00 including Shipping & Handling. Contact Bob Rosenberg at
or call 607-746-2107

Paul Bennett
GMC Motorhome Products
2400 Blossom St.Columbia, SC 29205

Tuesday, April 18, 2006


This is just one of many custom products for the GMC Motorhome. Go to this web page to see them all

The Classic Ragusa Welcome Step
Finally, there is a cast aluminum step to match the contour and beauty of the GMC. Just drill 4 holes to mount easily (4 structural steel bolts included). Designed for strength and durability, this step is hinged so it can be folded up an out of the way when traveling. A ball burnished version with lasting shiny finish is also available.
Size: Step area is 9" X 18"


GMC Motorhome Electric Windshield Wiper Conversion
Ken Henderson - 76 X-Birchaven Americus, GA
Verizon (229)938-2797
----Verizon customers call free----

DASH LABELS by Richard Sowers

Richard Sowers is making new dash labels to replace the cracked and light leaking old ones. These are available directly from him or on EBAY. Here are the pictures of the replacement process.
To get a set you can email me at or send a Paypal payment to the same address, They are also on Ebay as a buy it now item #4628339801. They are available now, and will ship within twenty four hours. Richard

Picture by Tom Lins